I learned how to knit one summer while under-employed (being under-employed is an excellent time to learn to knit, as you are bored enough to suffer through the frustrations of learning without all the distractions of life to keep you from going back). I knit over 20 scarves before I ventured onto anything new, but within a year I was hammering out my first project without a pattern. I just couldn't seem to make myself do what it seemed all other knitters did; pick a patter and then buy the yarn the pattern called for and then knit it.

In the spring of 2013 I met a fellow knitter/mother/creative person and we hit it off. I loved just watching her spin yarn, transforming fluff into a usable yarn, one of the oldest forms a magic we still practice. She got me started (and kept offering to help but I am not good at accepting help) and after a few (dozen) attempts to turn my own fluff into yarn I spent less time picking up the spindle off of the floor and more time actually making magic.

As of today I spin exclusively on drop spindle, I like the portability of it and am working on understanding how I can bring out a fibers natural characteristics best with my spinning. A few years ago I started out as her dye assistant (Why Knot Fibers) and began writing some patterns especially for her yarn. My patterns are available on Ravelry. As of 2016 we have become partners in Why Knot Fibers.

If you follow me on Instagram I frequently post pictures of my in progress and finished yarns because we all need more fiber in our diets ;)

and if you really need some RIGHT NOW! enjoy a little slideshow below