Creature of Imagination

When I was a child I would envision myself a mermaid or a sea goddess with seaweed for my hair and jewelry. Or else a tree nymph or an Indian* mysteriously one with the forest. Somehow along the way I became caught up in the should's and to do lists (even of my own making). I was trying too hard to be the adult I thought I should be. Adults, I thought as a child, always seemed to be doing important busy things so I decided to become that person.

Sure I could have picked other adults to model or let that unfold more slowly, but the question that really matters is between mermaid, sea goddess, tree nymph why did I choose adult as the costume to wear and creature of imagination to be?

* So as a child I had a naive and stereotypical view of what an Indian was from school and culture and all that crap. I want to acknowledge that this impression is not accurate or fair and limits others. So I am using this word here with that in mind, but let's acknowledge that view is really of a fantasy creature and not limiting or representing real people.